Sapphire Saviors

The year is 1372 DR and the world has turned even more savage.  No one knows exactly how or when but some time in the recent past, maybe as short as a year ago, the world became even more dangerous.  No one can quite put their finger on it, but it is harder to harvest the crops now, harder to hunt for game, harder to sail the shipping lanes, even harder to get trained animals to help fulfill their normal roles.  It has become harder to learn, harder to study, harder to copy and maintain information.  Discipline wanes and impatience waxes.  Schoolyard bullies now make up about half the classes, few enroll in wizard schools or bards colleges.  Individually it is barely noticeable but as a worldwide phenomenon it is becoming a growing epidemic.


Few have noticed but the gods are part of those few.  Some revel in the change, others dread it, and yet others are just curious about the change of events.  One of those curious is Lurue, goddess of unicorns.  She, along with several other allies of Mieliekki, Lady of the Forrest, were asked to see if they could find a cause to this curious change happening across all worlds.  As such clerics and servants were chosen to explore the lands and worlds to report back any findings they could see.


And there are going to be reports to be had.  Just in Fearun alone there is a dark shadow across the Anauroch desert, a slave uprising in Hlondeth put down, the jungles of Chult seem to seethe with rage, the gnome country of Luskan has closed it's island borders to all outsiders, and a dozen other problems just beginning to make themselves known.


But a servant of Lurue has answered the call, and found some unlikely heroes and companions to help her on her quest.  The world will breath a little easier when the learn the Sapphire Saviors are on the job.  Book, cat, and all.


Meow mutherfuckers.

Sapphire Saviors

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