Card Mage


So the way the card mage class will work is that instead of traditional spells, we use cards from the MTG ( Magic the Gathering ) card system.  The only normal magic spells the caster uses are 0 level cantrips of which the caster gets to pick four that can never be altered.  Most common choices are Prestidigitation, Detect Magic, Read Magic, and Light.

The caster can never have more of any one color in their library than any other color.  The colors will rarely be exactly even so the caster may be only one over.  For example if the caster knows four blue, four black, and four white spells, and three green and three red spells; then the next spell the caster choices must be either red or green.  The caster cannot get up to five spells of a color until the others are at four.

The level of the spell is directly correlated to the converted mana cost of the card.  If the card cost three mana to cast, then it is a third level spell.  The exception to this rule is if the card has the exact same wording as a spell that actually exist in the Players Handbook of D&D.  For example Fireball and Disintegrate are X cost cards but would actually be 3rd and 6th level respectively.  The Lightning Bolt spell is a one drop card but would count as a 3rd level spell as it is third level in D&D.

Caster can only pick from Sorcery, Instant, Enchantment, and Aura spells.  There may be exceptions for this like the Sword of Dungeons and Dragons but we will deal with these as they arise.  

Caster starts with five spells in library, a one drop common from each color.  These spells are automatically gained.  There is no chance of failure for the first starting cards.  After this when the caster can learn a new spell they provide two choice cards that fit their current restrictions.  One is chosen at random as the new spell the mage has in inventory, the other is discarded forever and can never again be rechosen.  It takes an hour per level of the spell being learned to learn it and the DC is a Spellcraft check DC 15 + 1/level of the spell.  If the check fails then neither one of the cards trying to be gained can be learned ever.  The cost will be the same as buying a scroll of equal level.

Caster must chose a target for a spell before spell itself is revealed.  This is the most dangerous part of the card mage as caster is unaware of what the spell even is when the target is chosen.  Since the caster starts with two libraries it is suggested that the caster make a "Boon" deck where all the cards are good things to be hit with and a "Bane" deck where it would suck to be the target of.  But this entirely up to the player.

While most of the time the saving throw required would be obvious, in MTG this may not always be the case.  Therefor enemies must use their worst saves against the effect.  This may change over time as the world becomes more dangerous.  Also all spells allow Spell Resistance by the target if they choose.

Card mages can use spells that heal, even though that is normally the province of divine casters.

May have a maximum of one card per spell level in library per point of Intelligence score.

The caster starts with the base of all Tree Perks and none of the non-tree perks. A * symbolizes what the caster starts with.  A perk is gained at every odd level, including level 1.  This is so the caster doesn't have to spend Feats to be a better caster although some Feats will still allow you to do so (Spell Penetration comes to mind)

Non-tree Perks

Scry the first card of a battle from one library.

Gain a third library.

Gain 1d6 life when drawing a card. (not casting a spell)

May trade in a old spell for a new one, same rule as learning new spells apply.


Skill Tree Perks

Damage Tree

* spell power is 1=1 to card power

  spell power is 1=1d4

  spell power is 1=1d6

  spell power is 1=1d8

  spell power is 1=1d10

  spell power is 1=1d12


Land Tree

* No lands allowed

May put basic land cards (one per level) that grant +1DC to next spell cast that shares a color.  Last for a fight or until used.

 Same as above but it last for the entire fight, not just the next spell.


Devotion Tree

* May only use single devotion cards

  May use two devotion cards (Required if you want to cast multicolored spells)

  May use three devotion cards

  May use any amount of devotion


Color Tree

* May use mono colored cards only

  May use two colored cards

  May use three colored cards

  May use any amount of colored cards


Rarity Tree

* Common cards only

 May use Uncommon

 May use Rare


Drawn Card Tree

* If a card is drawn but not used before battle is over, discard card and it is wasted

 Put up to one drawn card back in a library, shuffle that library

 Put up to two drawn cards back in a library, shuffle that library

 Put up to three drawn cards back in a library, shuffle that library

Card Mage

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