So there are no specialty clerics to Lurue being a nonhuman god as was previously discussed.  That being said there are certain spells that only followers of Lurue get and certain arcane spells available to clerics of Lurue.  These spells will appear on this sight as they become available to the cleric. (Hi Photon!)

These spells are a type of reward in addition to the normal spells the cleric can pick from out of the players handbook.  Usually earned after doing deeds Lurue would approve of or after completing a quest and so forth.

Alicorn Lance

Level:2   Range:Close   Duration:  1rnd/level or till expires   ST: No   SR:Yes

You create a horn of force on your forehead, similar in size and shape to a unicorn's horn. At any time up until the spell expires, you may launch the horn at a single target as a free action. Striking the target requires a successful touch attack. If the horn hits, it is destroyed and deals 5d6 points of force damage to the target creature and outlines it in blue and silver-colored faerie fire for the remaining duration of the spell. If it misses, the spell dissipates.


Moonlance / Lesser Confusion

3rd level, Casting time: 1 action, Duration: 1 min/level, Range: Self,  Components: V S C (component is moonlight)

This spell creates a Lance made of pure moonlight.  It glows a strange combination of white, blue, and silver.  It requires 2 hands to wield despite the fact that it weighs nothing. If used as a charge attack it grants x3 damage on the die roll.  The moonlance deals 1d10 + Charisma modifier damage per strike.  It can bypass DR on all Neutral or Evil creatures.  It deals no damage unless used against a living, undead, or construct target.  It also deals no damage to good aligned fey creatures.

The lance cannot be used as a thrown weapon or given to another creature.  It vanishes as soon as it leaves the casters hand.  If it vanishes the caster may manifest a new one during the duration of the spell as a Free Action.  This spell only works outside, at night, when the moon is visible in the sky.  Moving underground, cloud cover, or the sun rising cancels the spell.

There is more………………

Funnily enough Lurue seems to realize that a spell that only works under certain conditions is rough (and sucky) and so if you have the spell memorized it changes to Lessor Confusion.  That's right the spell changes what it is in your mind.  If it is daytime or any other condition that would disallow Moonlance (being underground, cloudy sky, whatever) then instead you have Lesser Confusion.  And just for funsies you can't cast Lesser Confusion if Moonlance WOULD work.  The spell switches back and forth in your mind depending on outside conditions.

Lesser Confusion

3rd level  Casting time 1 action. Duration 1rnd/level, Range: Close, Will negates  SR: Yes

Acts like the confusion spell but only affects one target.  The target will act randomly as per the Confusion spell effects.  Creature gets a save every round to try to dispel the effects.




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